Jenna's Story

Jenna was set on abortion. She was one of the most determined clients we’d ever seen. As soon as we prepared the pregnancy test she said, “…I’m getting an abortion.” We knew at that moment that we had to put our prayers at the forefront of anything else during her visit. We asked God to help us guide a woman who was so hurt– she felt terminating the life of her unborn child was her only option.


When we talked in the counseling room, she confessed that she had recently lost her job and already had a young child. Jenna also shared she had purchased abortion pills from a lady in her neighborhood. We let her know her pill source was concerning and it was not something that should be taken so informally. Jenna was at crossroads because she loved her son but felt she just could not have another child. This led into a spiritual conversation. We were surprised at how she turned out to be a walking bible! She was quoting verses, sharing concepts and talking about her life in light of God’s Word, yet she did not connect her beliefs to what God’s Word said about the sanctity of human life. We asked her what she believed God said about the value of life and what abortion would do to her and her baby. We asked he why she believed that it’s what she wanted to do?


This simple question seemed to have snapped her back to reality and she realized that it wasn’t an option she really wanted to take. She realized it was all a big mistake. Thankfully the Holy Spirit took the blindfold off her eyes so effortlessly! She had her first ultrasound and she was amazed at how active the new baby was and she felt she could love this baby too. She decided to continue the pregnancy and step out in faith. We let her know she didn't have to be concerned about where to start. We had case managers at the center who would start her on this journey.

Jenna left with much more clarity. She even mentioned she was going to try to get her money back for the pills she had purchased. We have kept in touch with her and followed up with several appointments. Her approach to her faith and life is different since she encountered the truth of what God said. We are praying she finds a job soon, but in the mean time we’ve connected her with a help for her medical needs, and other community resources. Let’s continue praying that Jenna grows in her faith and confidence.


"But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come." John 16:13

Amelia's Story

Being open and available is one of the most important ways that Houston Pregnancy Help Centers serves clients. God always shows us how He moves to help in times of trouble, and we are honored to be his vessel.


It was the end of a busy Friday when the last call of the day rang. One of our local sidewalk counselors had just spoken to a young woman outside of a facility and she was willing to have a conversation about her pregnancy options with us. Though it was closing time, we were committed to remaining open to meet with her at that moment.


Amelia came to the center and we could automatically see there was so much weighing her down. She found herself with an unwanted pregnancy after her circumstances spiraled out of control due to a controversial marriage. She was raised as a devout Christian and had married someone of a different faith. The relationship was tumultuous and difficult. Amelia told us how her husband made get rid of anything related to Christianity. The only religion allowed to be observed in their house was his.


Due to his mistreatments, a health treatment in the United States was the perfect guide that allowed her to escape his hold. Now she was here trying to start a new life, and she was pregnant by someone else. This engulfed her in fear and the only thing she believed she could do was get an abortion to stop the sure wrath that would come her way if he found her.


She asked if she could come back tomorrow for the ultrasound since she had so much to think about. Even though it was Saturday and we have had to close due to COVID-19, we said “yes, we will be here for you!” We planned for the sonographer and a client advocate to return on Saturday.


When she saw the baby on the screen she broke down crying. Already a mother, she knew she couldn’t move forward with her decision to terminate this pregnancy. She didn’t know what she would do now and had great fear over her, however we let her know that we had case managers who could walk her through referrals and services that could help keep her and her children safe. We also let her know that God still loved her and she could always return to Him for help. His promise is that he would always be ready to help in times of trouble.

 Amelia's Story shared with written client permission. Name changed for confidentiality purposes.